Our Story

In the vast expanse of Oriental rhythms and electrifying beats, we unveil the clandestine and glitteringly dirty realm of YURU — inspired by the Asian small plate haven.

Prepare to be transported by the sizzling allure of yakitori, where savory meats and delicate fish dance on the grill. Crispy delights of katsu, tofu, and shrimp from our deep-fried selection, while our snack offerings unveil a treasure trove of fermented and pickled delicacies.

As night falls, our boutique club metamorphoses into a sanctuary of nocturnal enchantment. With the night stretched out before you, immerse yourself in the dinner club ambiance as Asian-inspired cocktails and cuisine beckon you deeper into the darkness.

Nestled away from prying eyes, tucked away from the general public - the newly unveiled interior awaits those seeking to craft their weekend miracles, whether in intimate tête-à-têtes or shared revelry.

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